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So then in 2770, for my birthday party, which was an all-elves pool party, I was like “Thorin, I can’t invite you, because I think you’re gay.” I mean I couldn’t have a gay dwarf at my party. There were gonna be elves who look like women. And then his grandpa Thor got obsessed with all his treasure and gold, it was so retarded. And then Thorin left Erebor because I wouldn’t no one would help him when Smaug devoured it, and then he came back later to reclaim the Lonely Mountain, his beard was braided and he was totally weird, and now I guess he’s on gold crack.

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Impressive 3-Storey Treehouse Built as a Labor of Love

In 2004, Tereasa Surratt and David Hernandez purchased Camp Wandawega, his childhood getaway, with the intention of preserving its old buildings and cabins. Surratt’s father christened the newly-obtained property by hanging a rope swing on the giant elm located in the center of camp. Sadly, he passed away a year and a half later, and almost immediately afterwards the couple found out that their beloved tree had Dutch Elm disease. Surratt was devastated and couldn’t bring herself to cut it down. Despite its disease, the tree was still strong, and it inspired them and their friends to think about using it in a big way. What resulted was an impressive three-storey treehouse that was built as a labor of love.

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